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Promote My Page!

Okay. The more people who visit my site (well, and give me positive feedback, especially, although I do like it when my hit counter rises ^_^), the happier I am with my comics page, which means I'm more likely to make more comics! So if you enjoy visiting here, why not do your part to get the word out about this page?

Link to me!

While I don't do reciprocal links, I would really appreciate it if you would link to me. (If you link to me, you can send me your URL and I'll check out your page; if I LIKE it and think its content is relevant to my links page, I MAY link back to you--regardless of whether you've linked to me or not, come to think of it....) Feel free to use a text link or any one of these many buttons or banners. Thanks!

(Most of my individual series have link buttons of their own: Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes, Fox Tales, Jixo, A World Without Shoelaces, The Problem of Happiness, and Stone Fighters -- so if you like a particular series, go ahead and link to that instead of the main page. Okay? Please? I've NEVER seen a banner for any of my series on anyone's page, ever... ^^;)



Need a desktop picture?

 I've got no idea how having an ad for my page on your desktop serves as promotion, but what the hey?

 This is done from my 5000 hits picture, since I thought it was so darned cute. For 800x600; should work on Windows 95 and higher or Mac 8.0 or higher systems. Windows owners, if you don't know how to use it, you're on your own (it's really very simple, though, involving clicking on the link to the picture, then right clicking on the full-sized picture and choosing 'save as wallpaper' or something...); on the Mac, save the picture to your hard drive, then go to the Apple menu, drag down to Control Panels, select Desktop pictures, click on Picture, click on Select Picture, locate the file you saved and double click on it, and click Set Desktop. Well, *I* thought it was easy... 800x600 pixels.

Desktop picture (about 166 KB)

(I've also got a desktop picture for Jixo...and you can check my guest art gallery for a gorgeous guest desktop...)

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