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 This is my place for one-shot comics and mangas that I've drawn, sketchy and crummy or not (and also art by me which features my characters). They're probably supposed to be funny.



Courtly Jixo (1/30/01) What kind of crummy fanart, or even fan comic, doesn't have any pictures of the recipient's characters? Give up? It's this one! This is dedicated to Ms. Julie Dillon, the CG goddess herself, for her birthday, and is a weird crossover between what were her two favorite series of mine, last I checked...I should've made it more personal (thrown in a Vash, at least?), but ah well....if it's the time put into it that counts, I should have something; it took a while, and this semester's hard, so its actual time value may be even higher...^_-;;; It's meant for Ms. Dillon, but I guess anyone can read it if they want. ^_^;

Lesson of the Kamiya Dojo (or The Kiss of Death) (10/28/99) I....I won third place in the contest I came up with this idea for... O_O No, really. SEE??? Yeah, I wouldn't've believed it either if that page hadn't been there... ^_- No way will it get any votes for M.O.M., but visit that page anyway. ^_-

My first genuine doujinshi based on a professional's work. Nobuhiro Watsuki is the best! The manga Rurouni Kenshin finally ended -_- ...actually drawn for a couple gallery submissions, but really drawn because I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Should be a pleasant change for any readers of "Super Quick Comic"--a shift from obscure in-joke-filled comics about my FRIENDS to obscure in-joke-filled comics about a MANGA . (To a lesser extent, the Anime as well, I suppose...) Theoretically funnier if you know Kenshin--and most of the stuff that is probably supposed to be funny (ie. funny sized scary faces; parenthetical asides) is stolen directly from Watsuki-sensei (not the words, but the funny techniques--the concepts are funnier than my execution). I think I've rambled too much...

Happy Birthday Shannon (5/20/99) Wow, could my titles get ANY lamer? This is almost all in-jokes; Shannon is a big CLAMP fan. AW, NUTS; I forgot to include the gift of a barrel of industrial strength CLAMP blood. Oh well; too late now. ^_-


 Happy Roommate Day (5/2/99) Our RA forced us to draw cards for our roommates. Here's what I gave her instead. She was scarred for life.


 Mair Gets a Problem (8/31/98) For Clay's 2000th and 5000th hits; 3 pages long (in two different page sizes, nonetheless! ^^;;;). Rather dark, actually.


Beware... (7/27/98) I drew this one 'cuz Steff complained that she never gets any guest art. Features several characters from my online mangas...


 Jon makes a new friend... (6/27/98) For Clay's 1000th hit on A Heart Made of Glass. Jon and Daniel reminisce like war veterans about their experiences with a certain brown-haired sword-wielding maniac...


 Titanic: The Lost Ending (6/15/98) It was lost for good reason... 2 pages. Drawn for Tang's "Classic Tales Retold" page (which is VERY funny!)


 Looney Bin's Frizzyland Adventure (6/15/98) I drew this one about 2 years ago, and it shows. ^^;;; It's a cute color comic starring Looney Bin, my mouse alter-ego. (Get it, Looney Bin, Julie Bihn? 'Cause you say my last name like 'Bin'? Aw, forget it...) The panels are rather large because I drew the letters so small, I couldn't shrink the panels much.


sailor.GIF (5/26/98) I drew this one to cheer up Kendra. No REAL crossover--stars Mair and Daniel.


More Crossover Fun (5/13/98) To quote my Anime gallery: "I drew this one for Clay Boutilier's birthday. The poor tormented soul in this comic is Jon, the main character in A Heart Made of Glass, one of the more depressing mangas on the 'net. ^_^ And yes, it's another lame crossover, so sue me!" (This comic's been in the gallery since the 13th...)


The Final Exam (5/17/98) My first foray with a dip pen...look out! (The smudges on the sides are my scanner acting up--I really oughtta figure out how to fix that. Rest assured, though, the smudges nearer to the middle of the page are my own mistakes!) Two pages long.


Happiness (3/31/98) I drew this for a major school project. (In case you were wondering, no, thankfully, this was NOT all I did for the major project. ^_^)


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