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Original plan and script by Julie Bihn; art by Mechageo (whose URL on my BBS doesn't work, and whose e-mail address I can't find :( )

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This installment dated 11/22/04. Check back every so often for an update!

News: Yeah, it took at least half a year to get this page up, because the preceding page was absent. Sorry. Here's hoping I upload next week's on time too!

Yes, I am still seeking artists. If you can draw a page, please e-mail me! It may take a little time for me to get your plan drawn (well, I have the plan of the plan drawn, just not the cleaned-up plan ^^; ), but I'll work hard and get back on it, I promise. Check the news on this page for more details.

This is page 18 of Arc 19-Murder Most Fowl. (168 pages cumulative.)