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This installment dated 3/20/04. Bookmark this page ( and check back every so often for an update!

News: Yeah, yeah, I'm never going to get this arc done at this rate.

But wait! I have an extravaganza planned! I hope. Though it depends on whether anyone else is interested in helping; otherwise it might be a ministavaganza, or a notatallaganza.

And it's all up to you! Yes, YOU!

I'm sorry; I won't overuse italics and underlines and bolds and caps again. (At least, not all together.)

If you like drawing comics at all, I'd be just thrilled if you'd consider drawing a page for me. I'll supply the page plan and dialogue, which you are free to draw in your own style. Just keep the characters recognizable (if you can) and keep to the spirit of what I drew in the plans; you can even rearrange panels or whatever if you like, as long as you leave the dialogue as is. If you're *really* ambitious and catch me before I've drawn the plan for your page, I can just send you a script. Draw it, color it if you have time, scan it, and e-mail it to me. (I can't take anything through regular mail; sorry.)

Interested in helping me out? E-mail me if you'd like to participate, and I'll e-mail you back some more details, and if you're still interested, I'll send you a plan (as soon as I finish drawing it ^^; ). My e-mail service is terrible, so if you send me a message and don't hear from me within 72 hours, try again. Odds are I didn't get it, or I replied but it didn't go through.

It'd be great if you could finish your page two weeks or less after I send you your plan, so I can actually start updating regularly again. If I don't at least hear from you in that timeframe and I have another artist lined up after you, I'll have to give your plan to another artist (or even worse, do it myself!) because I don't like to leave an artist waiting to get his/her work up, and with luck, there'll be other artists drawing later pages at the same time you're procrastinating on the one I gave you two weeks ago. :) But if you find you can't do a page for unforseen reasons, let me know and maybe you can do one later.

Pages you send in will be kept on my page indefinitely, but you'll receive full artist credit, and if you like you can post the page you drew on your webpage or whatever as well. I'll be happy to link to your webpage (as long as it's not obscene ^^; ) and/or put up your e-mail address as well. I'll also link to the plan I sent you just for kicks.

Thanks to Allen for being the guinea is...helping me. Or forcing me into working again. Yeah. ^_^ And to Caroline and Shannon for promising to help too. ^_^

This is page 13 of Arc 19-Murder Most Fowl. (163 pages cumulative.)