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Last Updated: 9.17.99

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"This Space for Rent" is my poem that won 2nd place in the Senior Poetry Contest at Cactus High School in 1997 and 1st place in the District Poetry Contest for the Peoria School District!

"Unknown" was done in my Creative Self-Expression class, during a six-part excursion through the U of A campus.

"Beautiful Crutch" was an assignment for my Creative Self-Expression class. Less optimistic than the others; it's a poem of frustration.

"Bug" was written during a lonely late-night study session...

"Department Store Journey" was inspired by being dragged by my mom through...well...guess what.


These are poems I had to write, revise, and turn in for my "Intro to Poetry Writing" class. They earned me a 'B,' though I've actually received some praise for them (even from someone who supposedly knows what she's talking about! ^_-).

Leaving DRASTICALLY revised from my first draft...

Opportunity Lost Depresses me, anyway

Valentine's Day The story of a first date...

Meaning Not too hard to figure out...

Blurred We were supposed to write a poem by just observing and not erasing. This is that poem. Revised.

A typical Love A sonnet; I meant for it to be kind of like a sonnet from Mair the Defender's point of view...

Ribbon Girl My teacher loved this poem but told me to revise lots of parts. I pretty much changed the placement of words in the lines and deleted a few stanzas. ^_^

Isaiah A persona poem, from the point of view of one of my favorite created characters, Shadrach... (He's the one in the title bar as well.)

Also check out "Happiness," a project for my Creative Self-Expression class with poetry, prose, and art.


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