A typical Love

by Julie Bihn


My darling, I would die for you, no doubt.
So I don't understand just why, in place
Of loving me, you wish to leave me out.
Out of your life. Are you afraid to face
A fear of intimacy? Perhaps worse--
You must think there is something wrong with me.
What normal person, now, would send a verse
To court a would-be lover? I can see
Where that might put you off. But then, it seems
You don't just think I'm strange. I cans concede
Self-sacrificing love--like love of dreams--
Might scare you. Protection's not what you need.
Could you accept my passion if I were
Not 'she,' but 'he'--and you, not 'him,' but 'her?'


Copyright Julie Bihn 1998

Please do not modify or duplicate without my permission.

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