by Julie Bihn


"Someone got shot right here and died."

Green grass, green trees, green ivy, crooked vent
Green lamppost over the sidewalk.
Live flute and gospel music

Rustle of a black skirt nearby
Breeze moves the ground's clipped green hair
Bass overtakes my thoughts more than the drums.
Achoo, and the green Mountain Dew can
Blue sky red shingles red brick.
Crutches in a go-cart
People in dull colors with bright backpacks.
Windows closed to the hot air
Breeze imperceptibly moving the hair
of passers by
Who don't walk to the music
Abut Jesus
Too hurried to walk in time to the mellow beats.

The young expressionless man stops to tie his shoe.

"Do you know what time it is?"
My own voice. "It's 12:35."
"Thanks, man."

My watch kills the watching.
One man claps as the song ends.


Copyright Julie Bihn 1998

Please do not modify or duplicate without my permission.

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