Come Along, You Belong, Feel the Fizz...
Why do fans like RR?

Artwork by Karen Mollett

In addition to my statistical survey, I also used another survey to ask five open-ended questions. One of these was ""Why do you like Rescue Rangers?" I counted up key reasons cited, allowing each reason listed to count for one point, regardless of how many reasons were listed by each person. The reasons cited are as follows:


 Reasons for liking Rescue Rangers Number of times cited
Characters 9
Action/adventure 6
Chip and Dale fan 5
Gadget 5
Romance 5
Comedy 4
Escape 4
Teamwork/characters get along 4
Writing/stories of the show 4
Mystery 3
Cartoon fan 2
Good triumphs over evil 2
Clean 2
Identify with Chip 2
Heroes are cute/'furry' (anthropomorphic) fan 2
Animation 2
Character interactions 2
Serious potential 1
Realism 1
Sense of belonging 1
Contemporary setting 1
Group dynamics 1
Show takes a positive stance towards engineering/technology 1

The aspects which will be discussed at depth are the characters, Chip and Dale, Gadget, romance, and escape.


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