Here is an index of the Shesheen words that you may come across... Verbs are generally not conjugated in Shesha.

bunfa - mother
bon - woman, girl
clahren - the title "Your Greatness"
cohn - what; who are you?
dlee - can mean "to" (as in "gave it to him", not before a verb, like "to run"), or "for"
Eku - the god of Sheshack
feem - god
feemfa - God over all
frun - king
glina - to follow
hegligram - a multicolored mixture of sweet and salty meats and vegetables; said to be good for the sick
letun - four-legged creature that looks like a cross between a mouse, cat, bird, and deer; used for transportation
nee - to arrive
nirayime - temple
noyink - please - used after the request
rayklaf - Pardon me
rejebu - a tree with thick branches laden with vines instead of leaves
sla - is, or it is
slu - Name is, or Is called (used without pronouns, ie. "Slu Bonnie" can mean "I'm Bonnie," or "That's Bonnie")


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