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Here is some art, a good deal of it from my high school art classes.

The background of this page is part of a pop art piece I did by tracing Mentos wrappers and coloring them with markers to make a very cool-looking work (and an exceedingly distracting background)!

  Adeline (9.27.02) For another online RPG. This is an American woman living in circa 1860s Japan. It's in a fantasy-type realm.

 Dallas (5.29.02) Generated by a random character generator of mine. One more online RPG.

 Mahi (5.14.02) A different online RPG this time. Not that great of a picture, but catpeople are cool. ^_^

 Veran (4.27.02) Yet another online RPG character. She's not too nice.

 Prenna (4.10.02) Another online RPG character. An elf this time. A tree elf, I think, because there aren't enough pseudo-elf races made up already. ^_- Mostly Painter; lame background in Photodeluxe.

 Mayor Mair (3.19.02) She's the mayor of Esphire.

 Callie (1.29.02) Same story as Taradith, only I came up with Callie 2 or 3 years ago when I was bored in a class, for a fantasy-type setting (whereas I came up with Taradith in about a day before I drew her...). Note the attempt at foreshortening (backshortening?) with the sword. Oooh, aaah.

 Taradith (1.28.02) Eh, it's been almost a year; about time to upload a new picture, huh? I'm hoping to play her in an online RPG... Scanned pencil, inked and colored in Painter; a couple effects (and merging background and foreground) done in Photodeluxe.

 Alex (2.20.01) An exceedingly tormented yarn person, probably insane as well. That's all I'll say about him. ^^; The thing I like best about this picture is the texture I added in Photodeluxe ^^; I don't hate the pose, though...

 Wendy (2.13.01) Another yarn character; Unell's sister. I pretty much like this one, though the coloring's a little weird and the feet look funny. At least I tried to do some shading and stuff ^_^;;;

 Brendan and Kisa (2.7.01)  I drew it on the top margins of my notes but I liked it, so I scanned it in, inked it in Painter (Classic ^^;), and colored it mostly in Painter as well. I'm still not entirely sure if I like it or not, but, eh.

 Unell (1.15.01) Unell's also from a "role play" (not really; a freeform IM thing we do; we call it a yarn) I do with a friend...he was born in a lab, has rather a low self-esteem, and is....well, he *was* happy just to be out of the lab, but, well, there's this messed-up love affair he wound up in, and....well.....yeah. Poor guy. The 'inking' in this picture is really bad, and the coloring's not great, (at least it's interesting) but all but the pencil sketch was done in Painter Classic, so I guess it was an experiment...just up here 'cuz I needed a picture of him anyway.... Hey, c'mon, if you draw, you know the feeling of 'I don't care anymore;' that came after my computer froze while I was sketching in the grass...^^;

  Brendan and Friend (12.7.00) I'm not sure how old Brendan's supposed to be in this picture; if it were a real portrait or something he wouldn't be any older than 16 or 17, but it looks just like he looks at 22...ah well.

 Untitled 8.29.99 I drew this for a friend last year for Christmas, I think. At the time I thought it was well-drawn and sweet...

 The Ark We had to do a composition with construction paper, then do a painting of it. Hence the angular shapes. Acrylic paint on tagboard.

 Alaskan Mountain This was an impressionist-style piece (copied froma magazine photo), done with dots of marker. EVERY part of the picture is done with marker dots, even the solid-colored parts. You have no idea how long this took! Marker on white paper.

Beach Party Elisa A nice piece done from photos of our first cat, Kitty. The weird title stems from the time when I was on the Gargoyles mailing list, and a discussion about potential action figures came up... Graphite pencil on white paper.

Yellow House The ONLY piece I've EVER done with watercolors that looks decent. We were only allowed to use two colors; I think they had to be adjacent on the color wheel. Anyway, I wanted to use colors no one else would... The house was copied faithfully from a magazine photo. Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.

Blood Mountains I did this one when I got bored in art class. It actually turned out pretty well, especially since it wasn't from a photo. Acrylic paint on mounting board or something like that.

Mindy The ONLY picture I've EVER done of a person that looks halfway decent. I didn't copy a photo, either; it came from my head. Fox Tales fans might be interested in knowing that this is THAT Mindy. Colored pencil on white paper.

My Room An overhead view of the disaster area that was my bedroom in high school. Colored pencil and graphite pencil on white paper.
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